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We provide a range of creative mark making ideas, small world animals, sensory toys and puppets for young children.

We have high quality products for nurseries, primary schools, childminders and children at home.

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Playcolor Paint Sticks


High quality solid poster paints in a stick providing easy, clean and fun painting for children. Instant application with no need for water and quick drying with a silky finish.

Jumbo Animals


Our ever growing range of Jumbo animals and small animal families are incredibly detailed and perfect for role play and learning about creatures of the planet

Mark Making

If you are a nursery or primary school and would like us to visit so you can see and try the product

Mark making is a childs first step towards learning to write. By applying crayon, paint, pen or pencil to paper, children can begin to express their thoughts and be creative.

Small World Animals


 Our small world animal families are beautifully detailed and realistic and ideal for young children to learn about wild animals, their habitats and the food they eat.

Sensory Toys


Our sensory toys includes soft, and fuzzy texture balls, building blocks and shape sorter bus all made from natural rubber foam and designed to help baby sensory skills.



Our handwriting pens feature the Schneider slider edge with it's triangular barrel for easy grip and a smooth writing experience. Available in a range of colours.